AGM 2020

PEC Trust's second AGM, held on 11th November 2020, as a virtual event.

PEC Trust's second AGM was held alongside the PEC (Community Benefit Society) and PEC Homes ones also. They were all incorporated into one virtual event, where only the formal business was held.

Ian Hutchcroft (Chair) opened the meeting and conducted the formal proceedings. The Trustees' report and unaudited Financial Statements for the period ended 30th June 2020 were received and adopted. The auditors, Bromhead Chartered Accountants, were re-appointed as the auditors of the company for the year to 30th June 2021, and the Board were authorised to set their remuneration.

As per the PEC Trust Articles, one third of the elected Trustees must stand down. The Trustee's who stood down were Dave Pearce and Owen Ryles, however Owen stood for re-election. Barbara Hampson, who was a co-opted Trustee also stood down. One new nomination for a Trustee came forward from the membership for Tracy Ebbrell. Subsequently, the two candidates were confirmed as Trustees:

  • Owen Ryles
  • Tracey Ebbrell
Mission Possible Background

Mission Possible: Art and Enterprise for a Zero Carbon World

In the week following the formal business of our AGM, we held a virtual event as part of Plymouth Social Enterprise Festival. We partnered with the University of Plymouth's Sustainable Earth Institute, to bring together a virtual room of the most positive people we could find.

We were delighted to be joined by keynote speaker Ed Gillespie, a climate-positive adventurer, environmental entrepreneur, Director of Greenpeace UK, futurist, and author of Only Planet: A Flight-Free Adventure around the World. He wowed the audience with his insights into the art of the possible for moving towards a zero-carbon future, covering aspects of art, environment and business.

Our CEO, Alistair Macpherson, inspired the audience with an overview of PEC's work over the last year and with impressive impact statistics of how we have helped residents of Plymouth during this time.

Jenny Aryton, from Art and Energy, spoke passionately about the empowering role of art to create a zero carbon energy system, including the awesome work we are doing as part of our Moths to a Flame project.

Paul Hardman, from the Sustainable Earth Institute, and Chris Woodfield, revealed how organisations can benefit from their Low Carbon Devon Project, providing practical support to enterprises.

We all believe change is coming, and there are many reasons to be optimistic about the zero carbon mission, we just need to be both creative and innovative to make it happen. If you missed the event, you can watch it back here.


How has PEC been affected by COVID and the lockdown? Has it impacted on delivery schedules?

The chair responded, initially advising that some information about the impact of COVID-19 had been included in the Annual Report. CEO, Alistair Macpherson, further explained how our work processes have changed to almost entirely working from home. Home visits were replaced by telephone consultations, although some had been restarted inline with all COVID safety measures, where they were deemed as necessary. In terms of delivery, helping households has continued at pace, although some solar installation projects have been delayed as a result.