AGM 2014

The first Plymouth Energy Community AGM was held on 13th November 2014.

2014 share launch

After a welcome from Malcolm Sowden (current Vice-Chair), it was down to business. Members officially received the Directors’ report and Audited Financial statements for the year ended 30th June 2014. Bromhead Chartered Accountants were confirmed as the auditors of the company for the ensuing year and directors were authorised to set their remuneration. An extraordinary resolution was passed; to adopt the rules marked ‘X’ as a complete amendment to the existing rulebook of the society.

In addition, following postal voting and secret ballot, the new elected Board of Directors were confirmed:

  • Dave Garland
  • Barbara Hampson
  • Michael Harriott
  • Dave Pearce
  • Daniel Shelton
  • Tracey Sherston
  • Malcolm Sowden
  • Tim Sydenham

AGM Documentation

Questions & answers

Could you tell us a bit more about where you see the volunteering programme for PEC going?

We haven’t been as successful in building a ‘community’ as we’d like to be. We’ve been very successful in lots of ways but hope volunteers can help PEC members and Plymouth residents make the leap from interest into joining and making a change. We are offering a lot of training and support to volunteers. This will also mean two new apprentice posts joining our new Volunteer Co-ordinator. The first training will take place on 1 & 2 December. The first training is a mixture of practical and theoretical skills to help volunteers go into a home and make small but effective changes – from damp to ventilation, draught excluding to advice on night storage heaters. This will accompany a safety and working in the community session held on 8 December. The hope is to give a really solid grounding to our volunteers so that they have the confidence to go out and help people. We want people to feel that they are regaining a bit of control over their situation and that we’re working alongside them.