Free renewable energy installation

We want to help you install solar panels, meaning your organisation can generate clean energy, reduce bills and tackle fuel poverty... at no cost!

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Plymouth Energy Community is powering Plymouth's rooftops. We are always looking for more rooftop sites to install solar PV on, and this means we can help you!

  • Play your part in tackling the climate emergency,
  • Produce solar power, tackle fuel poverty and help Plymouth build back better,
  • At zero upfront cost to your business.

We do it all, at no cost to you...

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  • We assess the opportunity for solar installation and calculate your potential carbon and financial savings.
  • We take care of surveys, grid connection and planning applications.
  • We prepare a legal agreement for us to lease your land or roof.
  • We develop and fund the installation, allowing local community ownership.
  • Surplus revenue supports free services to help Plymouth residents improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.
  • We take care of all on-going maintenance requirements.
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Case studies

We have successfully funded and built 33 solar installations on schools and organisations in Plymouth, all owned by the community. This generates the equivalent clean energy to power 1,500 homes a year. Existing host organisations have benefitted from lower energy bills, saving in excess of £300,000 to date, all whilst giving back to the local community. You can find out more about some of our installations below.

Plymouth Life Centre

Plymouth life center roof
  • Installed capacity - 366 kWp
  • Number of panels - 1,410
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 3559
  • Lifetime site savings - £504,000
  • Annual generation - 360,000 kWh

Victoria Road Primary School

  • Installed capacity - 30 kWp
  • Number of panels - 120
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 326
  • Lifetime site savings - £46,200
  • Annual generation - 33,000 kWh

Plymouth Science Park

Science Park 2
  • Installed capacity - 47.84 kWp
  • Number of panels - 184
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 454
  • Lifetime site savings - £64,261
  • Annual generation - 45,901 kWh

Mayflower School

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  • Installed capacity - 100 kWp
  • Number of panels - 400
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 989
  • Lifetime site savings - £140,147
  • Annual generation - 100,105 kWh