We are keen to help the community energy movement grow by offering local authorities and organisations our expertise to help develop and implement community ownership strategies.

The Hive Peer Mentoring

We are mentoring other co-ops, as part of Co-operatives UK’s peer mentoring scheme through The Hive. It’s available for co-ops and community businesses at the early stages of development.

Mentors are viewed as a sounding board and business friend. They help to generate problem solving ideas and encourage strategic thinking. Mentoring activities are likely to be undertaken using a range of interventions, including face to face meetings (one to one or group), telephone calls, and email exchanges.

If you’re looking to set up a co-operative, or know people who are, please encourage them to apply for the peer mentoring scheme, and get matched with an experienced mentor (like us) who have experience and knowledge to share.

Visit The Hive website to see which organisations are involved and how to apply.

Community Share Compliance Mark

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The Community Shares Unit (CSU) provides good practice guidance and promotes high standards of voluntary regulation among societies issuing community shares. The Community Shares Unit has introduced a Standard Mark for share offer documents that comply with their guidance. The scheme is run under the supervision of a technical committee composed of representatives from the FCA, HM Treasury, the Charity Commission, and an independent legal adviser.

The Standard Mark is available to a society planning to make a public share offer. Societies are required to work with a licensed practitioner in order to be awarded the Mark. The licensed practitioner is responsible for assessing the offer using an assessment framework developed by the CSU.

One of our advisors, Jon Selman, is a registered Community Shares Licensed Practitioner. For further information, please visit the Community Shares Unit website.