Take control of your energy with free solar

We can give you control of your energy costs for 20 years, no surprises and no unexpected price rises...

Do you have a roof? Do you want control of your energy?

We can install solar panels on your roof at no cost to you. We then work with you to create an agreement for you to purchase the energy back for a period of 20 years for a price that is currently much less than the average commercial supplier.

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  • We assess the opportunity for solar installation and calculate your potential carbon and financial savings.
  • We take care of surveys, grid connection and planning applications.
  • We prepare a legal agreement for us to lease your land or roof.
  • We develop and fund the installation, allowing local community ownership.
  • Surplus revenue supports our free services helping Plymouth residents improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.
  • We take care of all on-going maintenance requirements.

If you are a business based in Plymouth, that owns your own roof, please get in touch.

What's the process?

We want this experience to be as stress free as possible and ensure we don't take valuable time and capacity away from your team, so we project manage you through the following steps.

  1. Initial contact You register your interest with us (see form below).
  2. Desktop evaluation We create an overview of what could be generated
    in terms of energy.
  3. Full proposal We work with a trusted installer to outline the full potential of your roof in terms of energy generations from solar.
  4. Legal We work with our experienced legal team to sort out the legal elements of the work.
  5. Installation Installation schedule and installation process starts.
  6. Operations We look after the solar panels for their lifetime.

**Please note: There is no obligation to continue, you can pull out up to step 4.

Contact us to start your journey

To find out how you can get a solar array on your roof with REC Renewables, please complete the form below (you will need to click on it and scroll down to see it all!). A member of our team will be in contact with you to better understand the potential your roof has for energy generation.

Please read our full privacy policy here.

Find out more

Watch our short video explaining how it all works:

Our proven track record

We have successfully funded and built 33 solar installations on schools and organisations in Plymouth, all owned by the community. This generates the equivalent clean energy to power 1,500 homes a year. Existing host organisations have benefitted from lower energy bills, saving in excess of £800,000 to date, all whilst giving back to the local community. You can find out more about some of our installations below.

Plymouth Life Centre

Plymouth life center roof
  • Installed capacity - 366 kWp
  • Number of panels - 1,410
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 3559
  • Lifetime site savings - £504,000
  • Annual generation - 360,000 kWh

Victoria Road Primary School

  • Installed capacity - 30 kWp
  • Number of panels - 120
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 326
  • Lifetime site savings - £46,200
  • Annual generation - 33,000 kWh

Plymouth Science Park

Science Park 2
  • Installed capacity - 47.84 kWp
  • Number of panels - 184
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 454
  • Lifetime site savings - £64,261
  • Annual generation - 45,901 kWh

Mayflower School

Mayflower school no people copy
  • Installed capacity - 100 kWp
  • Number of panels - 400
  • Tonnes of carbon saved (in 20 years) - 989
  • Lifetime site savings - £140,147
  • Annual generation - 100,105 kWh