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This will suit you, or your organisation, if you wish to take an active role in the visioning, management and governance of our organisation.

Members are the heart of what we do. Being a member of PEC Trust comes with an obligation to participate at least twice a year in activities such as attending AGMs and other Member events, contributing to working groups, attending training, voting on Member decisions or standing as a Director. It also comes with many benefits!

A wide and diverse membership base, made up of individuals and organisations, forms the heart of our organisation. It allows us:

  • To fairly represent local community needs and provide diversity of thought and creativity for innovative solutions
  • To validate and give legitimacy to our purpose, to demonstrate support and approval for what we do and to strengthen our call for change
  • To be inclusive and increase our impact, through widening our reach of people that we help
  • To give our wider community the opportunity to show support and participate in this movement of change, to have a voice, to have ownership, pride and responsibility and the knowledge and motivation to act.

Member Benefits

Voting PEC R AGM 2

Vote on member decisions

When there are constitutional decisions to be made by members, such as changes to our Articles, you will be able to vote. You'll also be able to vote in the annual election for those wishing to join the Board as a Trustee.

Staff boards 2019

Become a Trustee

Each year we invite members to stand for election to our Board of Trustees, if you want to be actively involved in the governance of PEC Trust, then you can.

Generating ideas

Join special working groups

From time to time, we invite members to help us with special projects and working groups, as a member, you can get involved!

September 2019 Newsletter

Keep up to date

You'll receive our annual reports, invites to events, newsletters and updates on new projects and opportunities to get involved in supporting our work further.

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If applying on behalf of an organisation

By filling out this form and clicking 'Submit' you are agreeing to abide by the Articles and Membership Policy of PEC Trust trading as Plymouth Energy Community, please ensure that you read and understand these. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a member, we will hold your information and use it to update you about our activities and governance. You will be contacted by PEC for this purpose. You may resign your membership at any stage by contacting us.

Further details regarding how your information will be used, kept secure and your rights relating to this are available In our Privacy Policy. We are happy to provide a paper copy of this policy. PEC complies with Data Protection legislation.