Free detailed energy report for your home

Are you a Plymouth resident happy to let us do a completely free, no-strings full energy report on your home?

We want to learn more about how well heat pumps can work in certain types of properties in Plymouth so that we can give good advice on heating homes efficiently.


  • You’ll get a detailed report - helping you to understand how your home uses energy. It could help you make improvements and get funding support if it becomes available. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can help reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. It could also help you understand how a heat pump could work in your home. Usually, surveys like this can cost quite a lot of money, we are offering it for free!
  • We will improve our advice to residents - helping you and others to make the best choices to suit needs. It also helps to ensure that any energy efficiency funding that becomes available really makes a difference locally.

What do you have to do?

  • Check whether your property type is eligible (see below) - ***We only need crosswall properties, we have filled the spaces for the other types required***
  • If you have a Crosswall property, register your interest by sending an email titled 'Energy Report' to as soon as possible with your name, address, email and property type.
  • Not eligible but know someone who lives in a home that might be? Please share this information.

What happens next?

  • We will be in touch with further details, you can then choose if you wish to go ahead.
  • We will do a survey that shouldn’t take more than a morning or afternoon.
  • Registering your interest is not a guarantee that you will receive an energy report. Energy surveys will be offered to those properties we assess as most suitable on a first come, first served basis. The number of properties that we can survey is limited to 2 per property type.

What homes are needed?

We have found all of the examples that we need except for crosswall properties! If you have one, please get in touch asap...

Table for MSC project 29 7 x 21 cm 2