PEC Homes

PEC Renewables is a Community Benefit Society, set up in 2014 by Plymouth Energy Community to fund, install and manage community-owned renewable energy installations.

AGM 2017

The fourth PEC Renewables AGM was held as part of the larger event ‘Taking the Power Back’ event, on 15th November 2017.

2017 AGM

It was a fantastic day and a huge success – nearly 100 people joined us at the beautiful Devonport Guildhall for an inspirational afternoon/evening and delicious food from Column Bakehouse – the atmosphere was buzzing…

We heard about innovative ways to overcome energy distribution challenges from Western Power Distribution such as OpenLV, how Regen Communities are helping community energy groups and how they think energy storage (and octopuses!) can play a part in the future. Chase Community Solar talked saving lives with solar. PEC’s own Paul, Alistair & Clare shared stories about the impact that PEC is having on the ground. Luke Pollard MP shared his passion for PEC and how he is hoping to make sure that the voice of community energy is heard at Westminster.

Breath-taking images from contemporary photographer Gideon Mendel showed the true impacts of climate change in a tangible way and Fotonow’s haunting images highlighted the stark reality of fuel poverty in Plymouth. Gideon and Matt from Fotonow guided us through the powerful impact that documentary photography can have.

We topped the evening off with an amazing talk from Howard Johns, author of Energy Revolution, skilfully linking climate change, with a transition to a cleaner future and the role community energy will play. His decades of experience in activism, renewables and community energy, coupled with his charismatic enthusiasm, made it a truly awe-inspiring 45 minutes.

People left on a high…fuelled with ideas and actions to make a real change to our energy future.