I am a frontline worker

This page is for Plymouth's frontline workers. Here you'll find our referral forms and how we can help

Our Energy Team offer a free to all advice service to support people with energy issues in Plymouth. We work with frontline workers in the city to help residents tackle energy issues they may be facing.

How we help

Evidence shows a strong link between good health and wellbeing and a healthy home. If you are supporting a resident that has energy issues, we can work alongside them, and you, to resolve it.

  • We will always prioritise people who are in a ‘no heat’ situation or at risk of self-disconnection.
  • We can provide mediation with suppliers, landlords and housing associations where needed.
  • We can also apply for energy related grants, energy efficiency measures, schemes to tackle cold, damp homes and to maximise income.

How help is given

  • By phone
  • By email to energyteam@plymouthenergycommunity.com
  • In the home – we offer home visits if otherwise access to support by PEC is not possible. Please ask for an appointment with a PEC Advisor.
  • In the community, at accessible events in the city – details are on our website and newsletter.

Our referral forms

Our Energy Team referral form can be found here. If the issue requires us to speak to an energy company please also send in a completed Form of Authority, found here. Please send completed referrals to energyteam@plymouthenergycommunity.com.

If you would like to contact the Livewell Warm homes team please email livewell.warmhomereferrals@nhs.net

Household Support Fund 4

By referral only

Household Support Fund round 4 is now open - by referral only

The Department for Work and Pensions’ Household Support Fund (4) is now open. It aims to support those struggling to meet essential costs due to the Cost of Living crisis.

We are unable to accept self-referrals. PEC is accepting frontline worker referrals from partners across the city (Livewell Southwest, Wolseley Trust, University Hospitals Plymouth, Food Plymouth Partners, Stroke Association, Colebrook Southwest, PATH, PCC Children young people and families, Plymouth Community Asist and Wellbeing hubs.)

For more local information on support for you or your family, please visit: https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/cost-living

Case studies


Mrs A

Mrs A is in her 80s and was widowed a year before being referred to us. She had struggled to manage the bills and paperwork after her husband’s death. Her direct debit for energy bills had bounced and been stopped and she was £800 in debt with her supplier.

She had been contacted by the supplier and encouraged to set up a direct debit she could not afford to pay and instructed to make an immediate payment of £200.

We were able to:

  • Phone the energy company immediately and explain Mrs A’s vulnerability. They agreed to put a stop on collection activities and agreed to reduce the direct debit to an amount that would cover usage only initially whilst we helped to resolve the issues.
  • Conduct a home visit to take meter readings, advise on how to make better use of her economy 7 heaters and immersion heaters, showed her how to use the timer switch on the machine to help use her heating system in a more economic way and ultimately reduce bills.
  • Set up an energy monitor to help her monitor her electricity usage.
  • Purchased Mrs A a heated throw, so she could rely less on the heating during the day, and still keep warm.
  • Make outside referrals and applications to ensure Mrs A was getting all the help she was entitled to.

Following the Energy Team's help, Mrs A was successfully awarded Attendance Allowance and can now afford her ongoing energy bills.