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Empowering our community to create
a fair, affordable, zero carbon energy system
with local people at its heart

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We are a charity and a social enterprise, with a cooperative ethos, made up of members who want a better future for our community and planet.

Meet our team, see how we work & read our story...

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Our Impact

5298 30,589 33 25,254 £764 £808,859 £4,045,952 33,475

* Totals (June 2013 - Oct 2021)

5298 30,589 33 25,254 £764 £808,859 33,475 £4,045,952

* Totals (June 2013 - Oct 2021)

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1930s terrace air source heat pump

Results are in on heat pump research

We've been researching how well air source heat pumps could work in five common Plymouth house types.

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Energy Team

We Are Hiring!

Needed! Energetic & highly-motived people to join us in Project Support and Assistant Energy Advisor roles...

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Our Work

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Pec b4nafter rushes 7302 web

Free detailed energy report for your home

How well would a heat pump work in your home? You could help us improve our advice.

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Chelson Meadow Community Solar

We are working with Plymouth City Council to develop a community-owned solar farm on the old landfill site at Chelson Meadow!

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Energy Team @ Devonport Food Club

Wed 05th Apr

Need support? our energy team are there to help.

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Reading paper

PASS Drop In

Tue 25th Apr

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Who we've helped



Victor contacted us because his electricity bills were very high. We visited him in his home, offered energy saving advice for his circumstances and helped him switch to a better supplier, saving over £400 per year.

I can't believe how much money I am saving just from switching supplier. I'd never done it before, I don't like computers but you were patient and showed me how to choose the best supplier and tariff for me..

We also gave him an energy monitor to allow him to see how and when he uses the most energy. Victor's bills are now far more manageable as he has made small changes that haven’t affected his comfort.



We helped Maureen, 78, switch energy suppliers. This saved her £428 a year on her energy bill.

Our advisors also put her in contact with a befriending team so she now enjoys playing bridge twice a week. She tell us she is now feeling much more positive than she had been, since losing her husband two years ago.

Family picture
Family picture

Peter & Sarah

Peter and Sarah had a hard to heat home. It was uncomfortable to live in and staying warm was costing them over £120 a month.

We can't tell you what a difference this has made, now I can sit in the lounge without being wrapped in a blanket and wearing a wool hat!

We helped them to find a scheme to install free loft and floor insulation. Now they find it much easier to stay warm and without worrying about the bill.



David called to ask for support with his tenant, who was ill and vulnerable to the cold. He wanted to upgrade the heating system from fixed electric heaters.

It's fantastic to know that you are there to help, I was so worried about my tenant but I couldn't afford a whole new system. You made it easy from start to finish.

We helped David to secure part funding for a gas connection and a new central heating system.

Learning about solar
Learning about solar

Montpellier School

Hosting a community-owned solar array on its roof, this local primary school benefits from management-free solar, low cost energy and a fantastic education tool for students.

“For us now leading the way as a school has made a huge impact, the Eco Team were very excited when the solar panels were put in place.”

The children are able to monitor how much energy their roof is generating, see the impacts of varying weather conditions and see how much carbon they have saved, plus their local community own it!

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Worried about rising energy bills?

You aren't alone. We can explain a bit about what’s happening and let you know what help is available for you.

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