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COVID Winter Grant Scheme - Now Closed!

Alex R
31st Mar 2021

Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) has been working with Plymouth City Council to provide the energy support element of the Government's COVID Winter Grant Scheme. The grants were for people whose ability to pay for heating or electricity is impacted by Covid, putting them at risk of fuel poverty.



COVID Winter Grants are now CLOSED

Details below for reference only:


Plymouth Energy Community will be contacting residents it has supported previously, and who may be eligible. You may also ask a professional* to refer you to the scheme if you think you may qualify.

The scheme can help:

  • Pay towards your heating and electricity bills – both pre-payment meters and credit meters.
  • Repair heating or hot water systems if they break down during the grant period.
  • Provide essential white goods if yours are broken.

The fund is mainly aimed at supporting families with children under 19 years of age, although some grants will be available for others who are at risk of fuel poverty.

Please note we are unable to accept self-referrals at this time.

Am I eligible?
You may be eligible if:

  • Your ability to meet your energy bills has significantly dropped due to the impact of Covid.


  • Your total household income is less than £30,000 after housing and energy costs are met.


  • You are in the receipt of qualifying benefits (refer to overview document below).

How should I apply?

  • You must ask a professional to refer you using the grant application form. We will check eligibility and a grant or repair may be made.
  • Send applications to covidwintergrants@plymouthenergycommunity.com along with the evidence requested for the help you need.

By making an application you understand that knowingly providing incorrect or false information in order to claim COVID WINTER GRANT SCHEME support is considered to be fraudulent. Instances and details will be shared with Devon Audit Partnership and police for investigation and could result in prosecution.

*Professionals include PSAs, social workers, health visitors, charity workers or food bank workers.

Please send referrals as early as possible for processing. The latest dates a referral can be made are:
Noon Friday 9th April for:

  • Credit meter grants paid directly to the supplier,
  • Heating repairs,
  • White goods.

Noon Tuesday 12th April for:

  • Standalone prepayments grants - given in vouchers. These may be redeemed within 30 days of issue.

Applications received after these deadlines will not be processed.

Demand for grants is high and funds may be fully allocated at the time of application. We will contact the resident directly to inform them of the outcome, unless the referral has been made after the closing deadline in which case it will be returned to the referrer.

PEC Trust (PEC) works with partners including Plymouth City Council and others. Your data may be shared for auditing and evaluation purposes. PEC and our contractors will store your information securely and use your data in order to provide you with fuel vouchers, repairs and for audit purposes in accordance with data protection legislation. You can read our full privacy statement here.