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We are building a community of people and organisations who share our ethos and vision for a better future. There are many ways that you can join us and get involved.

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This will suit you, or your organisation, if you wish to simply receive our newsletter, updates and invites to events. 

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Members are the heart of what we do. Being a member of PEC Trust comes with an obligation to participate at least twice a year in activities such as attending AGMs and other Member events, contributing to working groups, attending training, voting on Member decisions or standing as a Director. It also comes with many benefits!

A wide and diverse membership base, made up of individuals and organisations, forms the heart of our organisation. It allows us:

  • To fairly represent local community needs and provide diversity of thought and creativity for innovative solutions
  • To validate and give legitimacy to our purpose, to demonstrate support and approval for what we do and to strengthen our call for change
  • To be inclusive and increase our impact, through widening our reach of people that we help
  • To give our wider community the opportunity to show support and participate in this movement of change, to have a voice, to have ownership, pride and responsibility and the knowledge and motivation to act.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Moths to a Flame 1

Moths to a Flame

We teamed up with the Art & Energy artist collective to create a mass participation art installation

PEC Pals

PEC Pals is our community volunteer programme