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Helping to Illuminate Plymouth!

Alex R
12th Dec 2019
Moths to a Flame 1

We have been working with residents and Art and Energy CIC to explore our relationship with energy, and its effect on the world around us.

Since 2018, we’ve explored changes in the way energy is produced from renewable sources, seen ground-breaking examples of installations that are both beautiful and useful around the world, and learnt how to create working renewable artworks ourselves. The aim is to demystify new technologies and participate in creating them. The work attracted a commission from Plymouth light festival, Illuminate 2019. Starting at our AGM "The Power of Creativity' and continuing at the spectacular festival, our members and the public were able to contribute to our new, renewable art and light installation Moths to a Flame.

'Moths to a Flame'

Plymouth residents are sending a message to world leaders gathering at COP 26 in Glasgow, 2020 - where they will gather to discuss how to tackle climate change in November next year.

The new installation will symbolise residents’ willingness to respond to the Climate Emergency, our awareness of the consequences of inaction and the importance of individuals coming together to make positive change.

The installation uses the behaviour of moths around a flame, as an allegory of our own relationship with energy – that we are drawn to it, but can be harmed by it.

2,020 paper moths will be made, with wings decorated in UV paint that reveals under black light. Once complete, each delicate piece will come together in a flight of moths to be displayed in Glasgow during the conference.

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