Community led housing at Kings Tamerton

Our first venture into community-led housing. By creating genuinely affordable, healthy homes in the heart of Plymouth, our community can be part of the solution to tackle fuel poverty and climate change.

We are working in partnership with Plymouth City Council to develop community-led, zero-carbon, affordable homes. Our first housing development is on land off Coombe Way, Kings Tamerton, Plymouth.

In order to reach net-zero by 2050, we need to change the way we build new homes. Our flagship scheme will be the first in England to use the Energiesprong Approach, an innovative approach to deliver high quality net zero homes at lower cost. It will form part of Plymouth City Council's Plan for Homes, and be a part of the City's Climate Emergency Action Plan.

KT Masterplan 3

Entering the design phase

In 2021, we were contracted by Innovate UK to explore the market’s appetite for building homes using the innovative Energiesprong approach. Energiesprong is a straightforward, pragmatic and flexible approach, applicable to a wide range of situations and house types. It is not a commercial product or brand; no company, product, technology or materials are specified, just the outcomes that everyone needs: warm, affordable, desirable, net zero homes.

The Kings Tamerton project will be the first new-build scheme to use the Energiesprong approach in England, and so we needed to understand whether this was a realistic ambition. The research allowed us to demonstrate that there is significant interest in this approach and has helped us to embed the design, build and guarantee principles that we intend to use within our contracts.

To help choose the right team to work with us to design and build the homes to the Energiesprong standards, we have secured funds to support an exciting design competition which will see three candidates compete for the opportunity to work with us to build the homes by demonstrating how they will innovatively and creatively meet our net-zero requirements.

Next steps

Once the detailed design is finalised, we will take it back to the planning authority for final approval. We hope to offer the community a chance to own the scheme by launching a community share offer. All going well, we will start building in 2023/2024.

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