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02nd Jul 24

We're Hiring!

Opportunities to join our Energy Advice Team

2023 AGMS

20th Nov 23

Catch up on our 2023 AGMs

We run a combined set of AGMs in November

15th Nov 23

Our impact this year

We're pleased to present our 2023 annual impact report, detailing the many ways we have been able to support residents and communities across Plymouth.

01st Sept 23

Major Funding Win for Home Retrofit Advice Services

We're delighted to report that PEC and our partners are about to embark on an ambitious £1.4m project.

21st Aug 23

Energy Crisis: Autumn 2023 price cap advice

We've seen a number of significant increases to the price cap set by the energy regulator Ofgem in the past year.

18th Aug 23

Rehomed solar panels go live!

We've found new homes for spare solar panels at four community venues across the city.

24th May 23

Winner announced: PECH design competition

PEC Homes have appointed TopHat as preferred bidder for our Kings Tamerton site.

01st Mar 23

Students get hands on with solar

Annual 'solar schools' programme has been running site visits to Ernesettle community solar and workshops in eight schools across Plymouth

21st Dec 22

Results are in on heat pump research

Research demonstrates air source heat pumps could work in five common Plymouth house types.

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