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15th Nov 23

Our impact this year

We're pleased to present our 2023 annual impact report, detailing the many ways we have been able to support residents and communities across Plymouth.

18th Aug 23

Rehomed solar panels go live!

We've found new homes for spare solar panels at four community venues across the city.

23rd Jun 22

Our Chelson Meadow solar farm has been unanimously given the green light!

Proposed community-owned solar farm gets planning approval

05th Mar 22

We need your help!

Act now to support a 49% increase in Plymouth's solar power

21st Feb 22

Planning application submitted for our exciting new community solar farm at Chelson Meadow

Unique opportunity to increase community-owned renewable energy capacity in the city

06th Dec 21

WANTED Plymouth community organisations in need of solar

Solar panels available to donate to Plymouth local community organisations, social enterprises and charities,

23rd Aug 21

Plymouth’s old landfill site is set for a new life as a community-owned solar farm

Plans to develop a new community-owned solar farm, at Chelson Meadow.

10th Oct 19

SunPeople partners welcomed to Plymouth

Project aims to devise a business model to deliver both solar PV and heating solutions through the use of heat pumps.

27th Aug 19

Bee solar party gets community buzzing!

Solar panels, bees and the local community were buzzing at our Bee Solar Party in June.

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